Monday, October 27, 2008

The Jets, winning with ease

The Jets

1. The Jets playcalling is completely baffling. Their love of the 5 wide set makes no sense, especially on 3rd and short plays. It tells other teams that they won't run and it makes it harder to complete a pass. When they needed a short run, they got it every time when they ran, however, run that 5-wide set on 3rd and 2 from the Chiefs 8 yard line almost cost them the game. Complete and utter stupidity.

2. Brett Favre was horrible. Never mind the INTs include that god-awful pick-6. There were 2 or 3 other balls that should have been picked off, including one that would have been of Chiefs TD. Too often when he gets rushed he just heaves the ball down field without any idea of where it's going or who it's going to. Yes, this is part of his mystique. But it can be a killed, and almost essentially ended the Jets season
2A) This is an addendum to that. The idea that Pennington would be 5-2 or better with this team might be true (though I don't believe so). However, the Jets weren't going to win a Super Bowl with Pennington. Pennington still has trouble beating good defenses, and if the Jets were down in the 4th quarter against the Chiefs, they would have lost with Pennington at QB, because he never comes back. Even if Favre does fail with the Jets, I'm still glad they took a shot. The Jets have spent 7 years not beating good defenses and not scoring when they need a late TD with Pennington.

3) There were a few offensive playcalls I did like. One that jumps out was the Brad Smith end around pass. No, it didn't work. Yes, the Chiefs were ready for it. But just the idea of it being in the Jets playbook was a good thing makes a big difference in the long run.

4) The defense. 2 weeks against rookie QBs (or essentially rookies) and 0 forced turnovers. That's completely unacceptable from this defense. In the past I had said that I thought people were overvaluing how often the Jets should blitz. But, there's no excuse not to pressure rookie QBs into making mistakes. That being said, the defense did turn it up when it was needed. After the Chiefs field goal on the 1st drive of the 2nd half, they had 3 straight 3 and outs. That's what the defense should have been doing all along, but it was still nice to see the defense make some plays

5) Justin Long is a funny dude. The Jets Chick had a Q&A that they showed on the board. He said (not an exact quote) his favorite player was Pat Leahy because Justin was a skinny white kid in Ct. and he could relate to him. Then she asked him something about what the Jets needed to do to make the playoffs and he said, "Steroids". The girl didn't know what to do. Very funny.

6) Favre is clearly not on the same page with his receivers, it becomes more and more obvious every week. This is especially true with Cotchery, at least 2x a game Favre expects Cotchery to go in one direction and Cotch goes in a complete other direction. This has led to a few INTs and needs to be fixed.

7) Lost in the haze of bad coaching and bad QBing was that awful play on a fantastic punt by Hodges. He placed it down inside the 5 and the Jets special teamers somehow couldn't keep the ball (and themselves) out of the endzone. That's a play that just shouldn't happen.

Despite all of this, the Jets are still 4-3. Yes, they played 3 truly ****ty teams in a row, but if they can hang with Buffalo on the road and pull out a win, they are in great shape for the rest of the season. Despite what some people are saying, the Jets shouldn't pull Favre and the season isn't over yet.

However some major improvements do need to happen on both the offensive, defensive, and coaching areas for the Jets to make a 2nd half run. Remember everyone, the season is not even halfway in, and the Jets are 4-3. Not all is lost yet.

Special note: There was a guy that was so sloppy drunk that his friend couldn't even get him on to the bus to Secaucus. Let's hope our friend "Dave" woke up from his drunken stupor and had another beer. The whole front of the bus was cheering him on. Good times.
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Jets - Week 3 - Note: This is not the Agony and Defeat post- That's to come later

A separate football column – “Why I am a Jet fan” will be appearing shortly – here are thoughts not relating to my pain and suffering from the injuries.

For some reason the area around our seats smelled like shit. Not a little, as in reeked of wet shit. Fantastic job Giants Stadium. I actually thought about urinating in the drain below my seat to make the smell better. Instead, we just put food garbage over the drain until the gentle smell of sea-salt potato chips, chicken, and severely muted shit smell wafted in the area.

I think the era of, hmmm, maybe Herm Edwards can become a good coach is over. The man is a menace, sending out injured players is stupid, but calling time outs to give the other team more time to move the ball in the last minute of a game defies all coaching logic. I think Herm is awful, but, ironically (and, for once, I think I am using it correctly) I think he’s the perfect coach for this kind of disaster; because, for all his faults, Herm can always rally the troops and turn a disaster into something worth fighting for. He’ll just never lead the Jets to the Super Bowl, but he can turn a 4-12 season into an 8-8 season.

My hot betting continues, I was 0-3 and I think I would have been 0-3 if I got an extra 15 points in each game. I finally got one right though, got the under in that great Monday Night game, too bad I also took the Chiefs and LSU. Jess and I ran our record to 17-29 or good for last place in our league of 60 people. So far I’m 1-8 on the season; you don’t see anyone advertising that on television.

Seems that the best way to win in fantasy football is to bitch as much as possible about your team. Kind of like bitching about a bad beat in poker, guaranteed to make everyone else at the table like you and you certainly win hands as soon as you start bitching. Should be noted that I destroyed Greg, I beat him so bad he was crying after. Crying, I say.

I got a sympathy e-mail from a friend who I hadn’t talked to in a year and my boss about the Jets. Also the 60 year old woman, who knows nothing about football, was visibly shocked when she read the Jets signed Testeverde. I don’t think she could name ten football players but the phrase “Shocked and appalled” was used.

Brooks Bollinger, sounds like Rick Meier, Glenn Foley, or Frank Reich to me.
I love the trade rumors flying around. My personal favorite, Jonathan Vilma for Phillip Rivers, somehow, I just don’t see the Jets making that trade right now.

I like this thread from Jets Insider, apparently the Jets have been cursed by Joe Namath, or some ridiculous deal. I like it.

Also fun to read, responses to Vinny signing with the Jets. We are a miserable bunch of people.

Around the rest of the league:

I got nothing, really. I was so miserable about the Jets QB situation that I don’t care about the rest of the league. Though I hear the Bengals and Bucs are good and the Saints aren’t. Eli’s going to be good, Jeremy Shockey is a little bitch, and New Englandis still the best team in football. I guess, the big thing about the NFL this week was that nothing particularly remarkable happened, other than teh Jets thing. Pats won, Cleveland and Green Bay lost, Carolina is going to confuse people all season long the good RBs had big yards. Kind of a ehh week.

Bets for Week 4 (Please take these and bet the opposite) - For the Season 1-8
Jets +7.5 -Really, is Baltimore going to score that many points?
Jacksonville -4 Vs. Denver - I think Denver is a bad football team on the road
Oakland -3 Vs. Dallas - I would put money on this, but a part of me wonders about Kerry Collins vs. a Bill Parcells defense.

Monday Night Wings @ St. Marks, is the greatest thing ever. But I always feel so ill on Tuesday, I think that means no All You Can Eat Sushi on Tuesday for a while. In fact, I kind of feel ill just thinking about it.

Despite it all, I think the Jets still win 6-8 games this year and Vinny will be leading the team in about two weeks. Of course, I thought I thought the Jets were going to win the game in OT. So much rage.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Monday Night Notes

A few notes from Monday Night:

I like the phrase “Road Weary”

Theisman moment of the night, describing Tiki Barber, “He really uses his legs to run.” Thanks, that’s probably because he’s not in the Wheelchair Football League.

I’ve been going to St. Mark’s Ale House for about 3 years now. Since when did they have 10 cent wing night during MNF?

I LOVE the Giants +6 @ San Diego. Hasn't anyone noticed, the Chargers are not that good. They weren't that good last yr. Pennington threw for over 300 yards against him with no arms.
I think KC + 3 @ Denver is a good bet also.
Every Jet RB/FB is hurt, I really want to see Cedric Houston, but let's start with Blaylock, maybe he's good.
Pennington, healthy or not, is going to have terrible numbers this week. Jacksonville held Manning under 100 yards, I don't see Pennington lighting them up. If they ever create a line for that game, take the under... anything above 30, seriously... Under

Monday, September 19, 2005

Jets - Week 2

4th quarter, 10 minutes left. Pennington has looked god-awful the entire game. Dolphins scored a touchdown on their last drive to make it 10-7. Holding penalty on first down, 12 yard pass on 2nd down and a false start. 3rd and 13. A bad pass by Pennington, than Miami can come back down the field, and a legitimate Quarterback controversy starts.

But that’s not what happened. Pennington makes a great 20 yard pass. The Jets move down the field and put the game away (And incidentally cover the spread). It’s only game two, the Jets still have a lot of question marks, but that could be the drive that turns the season around for them.

Saddest pass you’ll ever see complete, the pathetic dying duck when McCarians has is man beat by about 10 yards. Still caught for a 35 yard game, but really, that was a sad ball.

The Jets honored Mo Lewis and Marvin Jones at halftime. Kind of confusing, they didn’t retire their numbers, but they were “honored”. They got their jerseys’ framed. That must have set the Jets back $500. Also, the Jets management gave the two linebackers Rolex watches. Well, at least they know who did when they trying bombing the team plane with a timing device off of a gold watch – I wondered if they were going to get on of those PBA stickers also, to get out of speeding tickets and such.

Highlight of the game: Mo Lewis thanking god for his success on the field, followed by one guy in a silent stadium yelling, “YEAH GOD!” For once, it wasn’t me.

Lowlight of the game: Behind us, there was a child, maybe 5 years old, clearly not interested in the football game. That’s reasonable. What was unreasonable was the father forcing the kid to be their against his well. The saddest moment –

“Dad, what time is it?”
”It’s time for the Jets to win.” This was quickly followed by noticeable laughter by Scott and me.

“Daaaad, what time is it?”

“Enough. Shhh. Pay attention, Miami has the ball.” Now, I’m not a parent, I’m barely responsible enough to take care of myself. But, maybe, the kid just shouldn’t be there yet. Don’t try and force feed sports to kids. This is the same guy who left his kid alone, for about 10 minutes so he could get some food during a preseason game. The child freaked out, and my father and another girl from their row tried to calm him down. Good times.

Other random thoughts on the Jets game:

I’m always amazed about how short the bus ride from Manhattan is. I left my apartment at 2:25 and was off the bus at Giants Stadium by 3:10.

There was a lot of time to kill so I searched a television to watch football. Quickly, I found a tent sponsored by ESPN radio that had a bunch of TV’s. Oddly, they were also trying to have dancing girls and loud music. The Deejay was irritated that no one was dancing and people were sitting around watching sports.

He complained, “Come on guys, there are women here and you are acting like it’s your living room.” Err. Yes, yes I am. I want to watch football; I still think it’s weird to mix sex and football.

The absurd security system is back in force. I’m not sure what they are patting down for anymore. Maybe it’s back to bottles and stuff, either way, seems like an egregious waste of money and time.

Two and a half hours to get back from the Stadium. That just sucked.

The crowd was very close to turning on the Jets. I swear the stadium gets louder with the cascade of boos. But the Jets seemed to do just enough. That’s what matters.

Thoughts from around the league:

Hmm, anyone still think Joey Harrington is good?

Dante Culpepper can’t be this bad, can he?

How about Andre Johnson, Jamal Lewis, Nate Burleson, Willis McGahee, and Steve Smith (Otherwise known as my 1st – 5th round draft picks) TOTAL: 43 Rushing Yards, 153 Receiving Yards, 1 fumble – YIKES -

Quick clue on how you know you are going to lose in fantasy football: When your kicker accounts for half your team’s points and doubles every other scorer on your team. I refuse to panic and trade Jamal Lewis for Willie Parker just yet, but, wow – turns out grabbing players from teams with bad offenses is not the answer.

Things I knew and didn’t heed – I shouldn’t bet on college football, ever. 0-3, loss of $55. Betting too many games without any knowledge – well, it runs in my family I guess.

Took a stupid 3 team teaser – Eagles -7, Jaguars +15, Redskins + 11.5 – So far so good. All I need for the Skins not to lose by 12 tonight – They should be able to handle that.

So this week in a nutshell – Jets won – Tampa good – Baltimore offense atrocious, Minnesota atrocious,

Jess and I went 8-6 this week – Certainly an improvement over last week’s 4-12 debacle.

Predictions for tonight:

Redskins +5.5

ABC Announcers will not shut up about how meaningless the game is in the grand scheme of things.

Over/Under on

Number of times they mention that New Orleans is now “America’s Team” – 6

“It’s amazing how these players can put all this behind them and play football” or some variation – 8

Things I want to see on MNF:

  1. Al Michaels explaining the smell in the Superdome by the 3rd day
  2. Announcers giving shit to the NFL for putting a Saints home game in Giants Stadium – SERIOUSLY –
  3. Aaron Brooks throw two “Aaron Brooks/Jake Plummer” passes
  4. The Saints to cover the 3.5 point spread in our pool
  5. Redskins to pitch a shutout and Clinton Portis to fumble 2x (Still keeping that slim hope alive on MNF)
  6. Bethany talking shit and mocking Jonathan’s inept Cowboys – Always good times

Reactionary Jets Insider thread of the week:

-Why the Pats will start 1-4? Somehow the Falcons and Chargers are going to beat them? Uhh… The Chargers aren’t very good, and the Falcons well, that’s why it is reactionary

Monday, September 12, 2005

My football Report:

Ben Graham looked good. Their starting Tight End caught 7 passes for 125 yards and a TD. Too bad they traded out of the first round to get his backup.
Ty Law had an interception and Trent Green didn’t throw to that side of the field.

Otherwise, you could smell the stink back to New York:

Who was worse the OL or Pennington, the DL or the LBs, Lavernous Coles or David Barrett? My answer, it doesn’t really matter. They all deserved to be executed at halftime: Herm, Dinger, Donnie, Bradway, the ball boy, everyone was awful.
Luckily, the game doesn’t count double, and it wasn’t against a division opponent. It’s one game where everyone functioned at half speed.

We went to St. Marks Place to watch the game, my mood went from excited to upset to angry to dismayed to amused. I don’t remember when I snapped – It happened during one of two points, either Nugent’s 28yd Field Goal that never had a chance or Coles dropping TD passes on consecutive plays.
Mark was yelling quite a bit, but I had already given up and wanted to see the biggest debacle possible. The New York media maybe ignite a bit of a QB controversy, but that would be stupid. Pennington was bad, but he made some good throws. Fiedler would not be any better.

I thought the Pats looked pretty soft on Thursday, then I watched the games Sunday. Only the Chiefs looked better, and the Jets fumbled 7 times, had 8 penalties, injured 4 Chiefs, and had one fight on the sideline.

On the plus side, Pennington is on pace for 96 fumbles in a season, I’m pretty sure that’s about 20 off of Dave Krieg’s record.

Ain’t nothing like the, “Who would we rather have than Pennington game” when things are going bad. The following QBs were named among others:

Gus Ferrotte
Shaun King
Rohan Davey

Kurt Warner was mentioned. But, even Jet fans aren’t that reactionary

Still I would say that no team in football looked worse than the Jets on Sunday.

Jess and I are a solid 3-12 against the spread for the week. But my fatansy team has a 16 point lead going into tonight. Surprise fantasy note - The two top scorers of the week, haven't played before.

Other thoughts from St. Marks Ale House:

Watching 8 games with your fantasy football opponent is entertaining. However, With Mark, Jess, and I with Donald Driver, Javon Walker, and Bubba Franks respectfully, competition takes on a stupid level - Booing the Pack every time they run the ball or dumped off the fullback. Of course Walker’s injury was amazing, Mark violently upset on a 45 yd pass to Walker, then happier when the penalty is called, and then happiest when he realized Javon Walker was out – Yeah, we’re a bunch of assholes, but hey, Donald Driver is the number 1 receiver now. Too bad Brett Farve has completed transmogrification into Jeff George

Some Detroit Lions fans are more delusional about Joey Harrington than Jets fans are about Pennington. At the bar, a Lion fan said, “Give him a break, they’re winning and he’s having a good game.” 15-28 167 yards and 2 tds – mind you, this comment was made before his 2nd touchdown. Against a Green Bay defense that’s aging.

How could I not pick the Saints this week. I knew they would be playing with emotion – I new there would be no way the NFL would let the Saints get blown out (Seriously, no way the Saints get blown out – The NFL will make some calls, threaten to suspend first round fantasy stud Delhomme and poison John Fox – Tagliabue has that kind of power now)

I couldn’t even watch the Sunday Night game, I was so sickened by the Jets that I had trouble even watching the 4:00 games. Things I remember from the 4pm games, Farve bad, Bledsoe bad, Cardinals overrated, err… that’s about it, I was much more focused on the Agassi match, anyway.

Agassi did better than expected, but it was over as soon as Federer went off during the 3rd set tiebreaker. There was a steady stream of people walking over to check out the match. I have a hunch if Agassi won that third set everyone in the bar would have watched the match. Too bad. Oh, that Federer is good at the tennis. His 4th set was amazing, he placed the ball wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted. I don’t watch enough tennis to accurately make an assessment, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone look so dominant over a great player.

There’s nothing like a garabge time touchdown in fantasy football, thanks Mark Bulger. I knew the Rams were throwing on every play. It’s a great feeling when your fantasy QB’s team starts to get blown out and there’s no doubt they will throw all the time.

Yankees beat Red Sox 1-0 and I barely even care. I’d be surprised if they make the playoffs, and fairly shocked if they go anywhere.

TO end the day, Mark comes into my room and wakes me up to let me know there’s a mouse in 5D. In the morning I couldn’t figure out what happened. To me it’s just another appetizer.

Favorite moment of the football weekend:

This comes just after Nugent’s first field goal as a professional. Fernando walks in from getting a slice of pizza and sits down. I ask him if he saw the kick (I’m not observant to begin with. And during the Jet game, I couldn’t tell you when anyone came and left). Fernando, in fine form goes off, “What do you think motherfucker!!? I went out for a pizza! Why are you asking me this? JESUS!”

Jess, Bethany, and Mark just stare at him. I’m recounting the moments in my head, trying to remember when he left. Classic Fernando rage; it doesn’t get old.

Apparently Mike Nugent has a dark past

Since I spend an egregious amount of time on the Jetsinsider website. I feel a need to includethe most reactionary thread of the week for as long as possible.
This thread wins, I don't think this will be the only time JTR wins this award

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sick Sad world

While NO is under ridiculous amounts of water and yelling, "suicide bomber" on a bridge seems to be the way to instant death. I wonder how lucky am I that I'm in NYC.

Even though we all feel the ineviabilty of an attack on the subways no one concerns themselves with that, no time.

Meanwhile, I'm back on a reading kick finally...
Harry Potter 6, Loved it, best of them all, except maybe #3.
Smashed - all right, disagreed mightly with her points and incessent whining, she seemed more concerned with blaming men for the problems in her life than stepping up and making a difference
My Friend, Leonard - Ehh. Happy when I was done reading it.

Currently I have The Loser's Club and A Long Way Down, hopefully they'll be worthwhile, I think Underworld is next, I've been told positive things.
Also waiting is Mediated, Freakanomics (The mans writing a book about poker next, I'm certainly curious), and Bill Simmons' new book, though that's not until October. look for it eventually - boston vs. NY sports... let's see if I can actually write some shit for this. No excuses -

Ready to say good bye to all my newfound roommates - It has been a long time now - 1 month... Though Pa has cleaned, and Mike built the Berlin Wall of 5D, I can't really complain - I'm just looking forward to having keys at the end of the day.

Sure NO is in shambles - but my god, how about a day with humidity, is that even allowed anymore -

Yup, I'm being lazy, but I am at work after all - I'm not getting nearly as much AIM time as I used to, and I don't even get to save all my conversations anymore - that's too damn bad

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Good gambling news everywhere


They suck... Well they are free, so I'm not sure why I'm bitching, but, what can you do

Does anyone still think Michael Jackson is going to be found innocent? I'm angry enough that I have to know about this case. Apparently it's still trading around 38 ... I think that's free money.

They've released the spreads for week one of the NFL season. Or - if you want to be able to read it.

NFL Regular Season Week 1 Betting Lines From
Favorite Line Underdog
Cincinnati 2.5 CLEVELAND
Denver 5 MIAMI
BUFFALO 6.5 Houston
CAROLINA 4.5 New Orleans
MINNESOTA 3.5 Tampa Bay
PITTSBURGH 7 Tennessee
SAN DIEGO 6 Dallas
Green Bay 3 DETROIT
Indianapolis 3 BALTIMORE
Philadelphia 3 ATLANTA

I like the Dolphins at home in the heat +5
And the Bears +6 against the Redskins
I also like the Jets +3 @ Kansas City. Maybe that's just me being biased, though

Just something to consider 5 months down the line
Also - if that's not enough NFL action for y'all

In the 5:30 p.m. game in Week 17, on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2006, the Dallas Cowboys are favored by 2 points against the St. Louis Rams.

What disturbs me the most is that my mom has probably already made three bets.

O/U for Star Wars Episode III $96 Million I'd take the over.
Good triumphs over evil - Arrested Development is coming back for another season. So is 24. Umm I like that show and all, but at some point doesn't Fox think it's run it's course?
Of course, the Simpsons have been on tv for over 15 years.
I can't wait for summer television, Entourage and Aqua Teen making their return.

Another alcoholic binge over the weekend.
I should find out if I'm allowed back into Cheap Shots.. I think I threw up on the floor, no one needs that. But I did split two games of air hockey during my day trip there.
I've finally given in to the coinstar gods and brought all my money in. $60 in dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Sounds like an excuse for sushi. I never thought there would be a day when I would be scanning my license so that I can play at an online poker site that gives me a % of my rake back.

Sonia and I decided that the most offensive time for dead baby jokes would be at your own child's funeral. For the 1 or so people who read this, any other suggestions would be appreciated... I feel like I need 100 responses as part of the new Family Feud.