Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Good gambling news everywhere


They suck... Well they are free, so I'm not sure why I'm bitching, but, what can you do

Does anyone still think Michael Jackson is going to be found innocent? I'm angry enough that I have to know about this case. Apparently it's still trading around 38 ... I think that's free money.

They've released the spreads for week one of the NFL season. Or - if you want to be able to read it.

NFL Regular Season Week 1 Betting Lines From
Favorite Line Underdog
Cincinnati 2.5 CLEVELAND
Denver 5 MIAMI
BUFFALO 6.5 Houston
CAROLINA 4.5 New Orleans
MINNESOTA 3.5 Tampa Bay
PITTSBURGH 7 Tennessee
SAN DIEGO 6 Dallas
Green Bay 3 DETROIT
Indianapolis 3 BALTIMORE
Philadelphia 3 ATLANTA

I like the Dolphins at home in the heat +5
And the Bears +6 against the Redskins
I also like the Jets +3 @ Kansas City. Maybe that's just me being biased, though

Just something to consider 5 months down the line
Also - if that's not enough NFL action for y'all

In the 5:30 p.m. game in Week 17, on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2006, the Dallas Cowboys are favored by 2 points against the St. Louis Rams.

What disturbs me the most is that my mom has probably already made three bets.

O/U for Star Wars Episode III $96 Million I'd take the over.
Good triumphs over evil - Arrested Development is coming back for another season. So is 24. Umm I like that show and all, but at some point doesn't Fox think it's run it's course?
Of course, the Simpsons have been on tv for over 15 years.
I can't wait for summer television, Entourage and Aqua Teen making their return.

Another alcoholic binge over the weekend.
I should find out if I'm allowed back into Cheap Shots.. I think I threw up on the floor, no one needs that. But I did split two games of air hockey during my day trip there.
I've finally given in to the coinstar gods and brought all my money in. $60 in dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Sounds like an excuse for sushi. I never thought there would be a day when I would be scanning my license so that I can play at an online poker site that gives me a % of my rake back.

Sonia and I decided that the most offensive time for dead baby jokes would be at your own child's funeral. For the 1 or so people who read this, any other suggestions would be appreciated... I feel like I need 100 responses as part of the new Family Feud.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

rumors and propositions

-Recovered from that bullshit friendster-

"I've taken a lot of [stuff] from a lot of people, probably more than anybody in the history of the sport. I know Hank [Aaron] and Jackie [Robinson] took a good deal of [stuff], but I guarantee it wasn't for six years."
- John Rocker
He's really competing with Jason Giambi to be the biggest train wreck in baseball.

My favorite Chappelle rumor -via Howard Stern:
They reported he was in some type of rehab or psychiatric treatment. Something to do with deeply finding his Muslim religion and apparently having issues with what he has done in the past and taped for this season. That would actually explain the hold in the DVD which they did not mention on Stern as well as the hold for comedy when the shows are already finished. Again this is just what I heard on the show during my drive to work, so if they said anything after about it feel free to post and correct this.

Chappelle was in blackface, with white painted lips, white gloves, a red vest, a black cane and a Pullman Porter cap. He was dressed for a sketch titled "The Ni**** Pixie" in which Chappelle plays a cackling, devil-on-the-shoulder creation who serves as the self-hating conscience of famous black men, such as Tiger Woods and Chappelle himself. As the minstrel-accented pixie, he kept busting up the crew with his profane ad-libs over footage of Woods attempting a putt.

I'm still looking forward to that... Saw Funny HA HA... It's like a socially inept version of Reality Bites -- Less cool, less overally snappy unrealistic dialouge, funny but painful to watch... it was a 90 minute movie that seemed like 3 hours. Better in retrospect than during the movie.

Ricky Henderson back in baseball
This makes me happy. I hate when jackasses tell players to hang it up because they are too old. Fuck that, I say play forever if you can... Ruin your legacy.. what bullshit

I want the Yankees to win the world series - BUT if they dont.. I want them to crash and burn.
I want everyone fired, 100 losses 4 managers fired in the course of the season 3 announcers fired from the Yes Network and A-rod suspended in a scandle involveing Derek Jeter's father. Nothing like watching a team go up in a blaze of embarassment

I'm feeling pretty white.. saw a prieview for Bomb The System beats all done by some dude named El-P... Sounded interesting, and I figure I would ask my white rap expert friend about him.
When does the New York Sports Free-fall stop? Is it with the Mets, even the Metrostars suck this year. That wouldn't annoy me, but seriously.
New England Revolution are 6-0-1. COME ON

At least the New York Dragons lead their division. Hmm the Arena Bowl and Wrestlemania got started in the same year, There's got to be more to that. I got to look into getting Dragon playoff tickets. Just seems like the only New York playoff game I'd be going to this year

Natrually Boston doesn't have a team, and the Dragons are good. Just an embarassing 12 months to be a fan of anything New York Sports related. On the plus side, at least no one has expectations

Looks like another poker and laying down style weekend... with Jonas's 30th birthday party thrown in. Naps are good

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Does this Blogging shit work

so in the last 24 hours... found out a way to make about $50-$100 back per month playing online poker, Roger gave me... GAVE ME a steak from a restaurant (delicious by the way), downloaded a system to track how I play poker, went out with Jay, in from Pittsburgh --Needed to be back in Pittsburgh by 5pm today-- around 11:30 drank at a Grasslands Tavern that had pitchers of brooklyn beer for $11, drank at Cheap Shots, went to Coyote Ugly -- Empty, went somewhere else... unknown name and place, drank more, then went back to Cheap Shots... blacked out... woke up at 11am got to work by noon... no one minded some light mocking... and decided I needed to start a blog

I've discovered -- which has quickly passed google maps as my time waster of choice - (if you haven't already, check out the satalitte photos on google -- damn cool.

--The Fabulous Friends: Conservative Christian Groups' Least-Favorite All-Star Cartoon.

Yeah it's even more shocking than I thought originally

Nash Vs. Shaq for MVP... I still say Shaq.
Is Jason Giambi the useless sack of shit ever? Certainly since Doug Brien
How were fans cheering him at the beginning of the year?
Seriously, I would boo him then, boo him now, boo him forever. I don't give a shit about steriods. How about getting a hit?
Same with A-Rod -- how about showing up when it matters. Disgrace of a team

This is my first blog posting, so I imagine there won't be much of a response but still - when is it socially acceptable to see a movie with another man, I say comedys yes, dramas no... anyone else with insight?

big night of poker and thai food tonight... I still think I might throw up... Maybe I'll watch 24 and work on getting a maid for the apartment, or sit around and do nothing
ooh I need baking soda

for the record this guy is unbelieviably funny - check him out