Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Does this Blogging shit work

so in the last 24 hours... found out a way to make about $50-$100 back per month playing online poker, Roger gave me... GAVE ME a steak from a restaurant (delicious by the way), downloaded a system to track how I play poker, went out with Jay, in from Pittsburgh --Needed to be back in Pittsburgh by 5pm today-- around 11:30 drank at a Grasslands Tavern that had pitchers of brooklyn beer for $11, drank at Cheap Shots, went to Coyote Ugly -- Empty, went somewhere else... unknown name and place, drank more, then went back to Cheap Shots... blacked out... woke up at 11am got to work by noon... no one minded some light mocking... and decided I needed to start a blog

I've discovered -- which has quickly passed google maps as my time waster of choice - (if you haven't already, check out the satalitte photos on google -- damn cool.

--The Fabulous Friends: Conservative Christian Groups' Least-Favorite All-Star Cartoon.

Yeah it's even more shocking than I thought originally

Nash Vs. Shaq for MVP... I still say Shaq.
Is Jason Giambi the useless sack of shit ever? Certainly since Doug Brien
How were fans cheering him at the beginning of the year?
Seriously, I would boo him then, boo him now, boo him forever. I don't give a shit about steriods. How about getting a hit?
Same with A-Rod -- how about showing up when it matters. Disgrace of a team

This is my first blog posting, so I imagine there won't be much of a response but still - when is it socially acceptable to see a movie with another man, I say comedys yes, dramas no... anyone else with insight?

big night of poker and thai food tonight... I still think I might throw up... Maybe I'll watch 24 and work on getting a maid for the apartment, or sit around and do nothing
ooh I need baking soda

for the record this guy is unbelieviably funny - check him out


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