Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Good gambling news everywhere


They suck... Well they are free, so I'm not sure why I'm bitching, but, what can you do

Does anyone still think Michael Jackson is going to be found innocent? I'm angry enough that I have to know about this case. Apparently it's still trading around 38 ... I think that's free money.

They've released the spreads for week one of the NFL season. Or - if you want to be able to read it.

NFL Regular Season Week 1 Betting Lines From
Favorite Line Underdog
Cincinnati 2.5 CLEVELAND
Denver 5 MIAMI
BUFFALO 6.5 Houston
CAROLINA 4.5 New Orleans
MINNESOTA 3.5 Tampa Bay
PITTSBURGH 7 Tennessee
SAN DIEGO 6 Dallas
Green Bay 3 DETROIT
Indianapolis 3 BALTIMORE
Philadelphia 3 ATLANTA

I like the Dolphins at home in the heat +5
And the Bears +6 against the Redskins
I also like the Jets +3 @ Kansas City. Maybe that's just me being biased, though

Just something to consider 5 months down the line
Also - if that's not enough NFL action for y'all

In the 5:30 p.m. game in Week 17, on Sunday, Jan. 1, 2006, the Dallas Cowboys are favored by 2 points against the St. Louis Rams.

What disturbs me the most is that my mom has probably already made three bets.

O/U for Star Wars Episode III $96 Million I'd take the over.
Good triumphs over evil - Arrested Development is coming back for another season. So is 24. Umm I like that show and all, but at some point doesn't Fox think it's run it's course?
Of course, the Simpsons have been on tv for over 15 years.
I can't wait for summer television, Entourage and Aqua Teen making their return.

Another alcoholic binge over the weekend.
I should find out if I'm allowed back into Cheap Shots.. I think I threw up on the floor, no one needs that. But I did split two games of air hockey during my day trip there.
I've finally given in to the coinstar gods and brought all my money in. $60 in dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Sounds like an excuse for sushi. I never thought there would be a day when I would be scanning my license so that I can play at an online poker site that gives me a % of my rake back.

Sonia and I decided that the most offensive time for dead baby jokes would be at your own child's funeral. For the 1 or so people who read this, any other suggestions would be appreciated... I feel like I need 100 responses as part of the new Family Feud.


Blogger Owen said...

I think a more offensive place than your own child's funeral would be a close friend's child's funeral. That way you don't have the cushion of being able to write it off as you being yourself - someone is going to be pretty pissed. And I would be interested to see exactly what the odds are on Whacko Jacko...

5/18/2005 6:10 PM  
Blogger Biebs said...

click on michael jackson... the odds are there

5/18/2005 10:52 PM  
Blogger sonia said...

how about telling dead baby jokes, dressed up as a clown, in the children w/cancer wing of the hospital?
oh, and mj is totally innocent. ppl just want to bring the black man down.

5/25/2005 12:48 PM  
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