Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sick Sad world

While NO is under ridiculous amounts of water and yelling, "suicide bomber" on a bridge seems to be the way to instant death. I wonder how lucky am I that I'm in NYC.

Even though we all feel the ineviabilty of an attack on the subways no one concerns themselves with that, no time.

Meanwhile, I'm back on a reading kick finally...
Harry Potter 6, Loved it, best of them all, except maybe #3.
Smashed - all right, disagreed mightly with her points and incessent whining, she seemed more concerned with blaming men for the problems in her life than stepping up and making a difference
My Friend, Leonard - Ehh. Happy when I was done reading it.

Currently I have The Loser's Club and A Long Way Down, hopefully they'll be worthwhile, I think Underworld is next, I've been told positive things.
Also waiting is Mediated, Freakanomics (The mans writing a book about poker next, I'm certainly curious), and Bill Simmons' new book, though that's not until October. look for it eventually - boston vs. NY sports... let's see if I can actually write some shit for this. No excuses -

Ready to say good bye to all my newfound roommates - It has been a long time now - 1 month... Though Pa has cleaned, and Mike built the Berlin Wall of 5D, I can't really complain - I'm just looking forward to having keys at the end of the day.

Sure NO is in shambles - but my god, how about a day with humidity, is that even allowed anymore -

Yup, I'm being lazy, but I am at work after all - I'm not getting nearly as much AIM time as I used to, and I don't even get to save all my conversations anymore - that's too damn bad