Monday, September 19, 2005

Jets - Week 2

4th quarter, 10 minutes left. Pennington has looked god-awful the entire game. Dolphins scored a touchdown on their last drive to make it 10-7. Holding penalty on first down, 12 yard pass on 2nd down and a false start. 3rd and 13. A bad pass by Pennington, than Miami can come back down the field, and a legitimate Quarterback controversy starts.

But that’s not what happened. Pennington makes a great 20 yard pass. The Jets move down the field and put the game away (And incidentally cover the spread). It’s only game two, the Jets still have a lot of question marks, but that could be the drive that turns the season around for them.

Saddest pass you’ll ever see complete, the pathetic dying duck when McCarians has is man beat by about 10 yards. Still caught for a 35 yard game, but really, that was a sad ball.

The Jets honored Mo Lewis and Marvin Jones at halftime. Kind of confusing, they didn’t retire their numbers, but they were “honored”. They got their jerseys’ framed. That must have set the Jets back $500. Also, the Jets management gave the two linebackers Rolex watches. Well, at least they know who did when they trying bombing the team plane with a timing device off of a gold watch – I wondered if they were going to get on of those PBA stickers also, to get out of speeding tickets and such.

Highlight of the game: Mo Lewis thanking god for his success on the field, followed by one guy in a silent stadium yelling, “YEAH GOD!” For once, it wasn’t me.

Lowlight of the game: Behind us, there was a child, maybe 5 years old, clearly not interested in the football game. That’s reasonable. What was unreasonable was the father forcing the kid to be their against his well. The saddest moment –

“Dad, what time is it?”
”It’s time for the Jets to win.” This was quickly followed by noticeable laughter by Scott and me.

“Daaaad, what time is it?”

“Enough. Shhh. Pay attention, Miami has the ball.” Now, I’m not a parent, I’m barely responsible enough to take care of myself. But, maybe, the kid just shouldn’t be there yet. Don’t try and force feed sports to kids. This is the same guy who left his kid alone, for about 10 minutes so he could get some food during a preseason game. The child freaked out, and my father and another girl from their row tried to calm him down. Good times.

Other random thoughts on the Jets game:

I’m always amazed about how short the bus ride from Manhattan is. I left my apartment at 2:25 and was off the bus at Giants Stadium by 3:10.

There was a lot of time to kill so I searched a television to watch football. Quickly, I found a tent sponsored by ESPN radio that had a bunch of TV’s. Oddly, they were also trying to have dancing girls and loud music. The Deejay was irritated that no one was dancing and people were sitting around watching sports.

He complained, “Come on guys, there are women here and you are acting like it’s your living room.” Err. Yes, yes I am. I want to watch football; I still think it’s weird to mix sex and football.

The absurd security system is back in force. I’m not sure what they are patting down for anymore. Maybe it’s back to bottles and stuff, either way, seems like an egregious waste of money and time.

Two and a half hours to get back from the Stadium. That just sucked.

The crowd was very close to turning on the Jets. I swear the stadium gets louder with the cascade of boos. But the Jets seemed to do just enough. That’s what matters.

Thoughts from around the league:

Hmm, anyone still think Joey Harrington is good?

Dante Culpepper can’t be this bad, can he?

How about Andre Johnson, Jamal Lewis, Nate Burleson, Willis McGahee, and Steve Smith (Otherwise known as my 1st – 5th round draft picks) TOTAL: 43 Rushing Yards, 153 Receiving Yards, 1 fumble – YIKES -

Quick clue on how you know you are going to lose in fantasy football: When your kicker accounts for half your team’s points and doubles every other scorer on your team. I refuse to panic and trade Jamal Lewis for Willie Parker just yet, but, wow – turns out grabbing players from teams with bad offenses is not the answer.

Things I knew and didn’t heed – I shouldn’t bet on college football, ever. 0-3, loss of $55. Betting too many games without any knowledge – well, it runs in my family I guess.

Took a stupid 3 team teaser – Eagles -7, Jaguars +15, Redskins + 11.5 – So far so good. All I need for the Skins not to lose by 12 tonight – They should be able to handle that.

So this week in a nutshell – Jets won – Tampa good – Baltimore offense atrocious, Minnesota atrocious,

Jess and I went 8-6 this week – Certainly an improvement over last week’s 4-12 debacle.

Predictions for tonight:

Redskins +5.5

ABC Announcers will not shut up about how meaningless the game is in the grand scheme of things.

Over/Under on

Number of times they mention that New Orleans is now “America’s Team” – 6

“It’s amazing how these players can put all this behind them and play football” or some variation – 8

Things I want to see on MNF:

  1. Al Michaels explaining the smell in the Superdome by the 3rd day
  2. Announcers giving shit to the NFL for putting a Saints home game in Giants Stadium – SERIOUSLY –
  3. Aaron Brooks throw two “Aaron Brooks/Jake Plummer” passes
  4. The Saints to cover the 3.5 point spread in our pool
  5. Redskins to pitch a shutout and Clinton Portis to fumble 2x (Still keeping that slim hope alive on MNF)
  6. Bethany talking shit and mocking Jonathan’s inept Cowboys – Always good times

Reactionary Jets Insider thread of the week:

-Why the Pats will start 1-4? Somehow the Falcons and Chargers are going to beat them? Uhh… The Chargers aren’t very good, and the Falcons well, that’s why it is reactionary


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