Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Monday Night Notes

A few notes from Monday Night:

I like the phrase “Road Weary”

Theisman moment of the night, describing Tiki Barber, “He really uses his legs to run.” Thanks, that’s probably because he’s not in the Wheelchair Football League.

I’ve been going to St. Mark’s Ale House for about 3 years now. Since when did they have 10 cent wing night during MNF?

I LOVE the Giants +6 @ San Diego. Hasn't anyone noticed, the Chargers are not that good. They weren't that good last yr. Pennington threw for over 300 yards against him with no arms.
I think KC + 3 @ Denver is a good bet also.
Every Jet RB/FB is hurt, I really want to see Cedric Houston, but let's start with Blaylock, maybe he's good.
Pennington, healthy or not, is going to have terrible numbers this week. Jacksonville held Manning under 100 yards, I don't see Pennington lighting them up. If they ever create a line for that game, take the under... anything above 30, seriously... Under


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