Monday, September 12, 2005

My football Report:

Ben Graham looked good. Their starting Tight End caught 7 passes for 125 yards and a TD. Too bad they traded out of the first round to get his backup.
Ty Law had an interception and Trent Green didn’t throw to that side of the field.

Otherwise, you could smell the stink back to New York:

Who was worse the OL or Pennington, the DL or the LBs, Lavernous Coles or David Barrett? My answer, it doesn’t really matter. They all deserved to be executed at halftime: Herm, Dinger, Donnie, Bradway, the ball boy, everyone was awful.
Luckily, the game doesn’t count double, and it wasn’t against a division opponent. It’s one game where everyone functioned at half speed.

We went to St. Marks Place to watch the game, my mood went from excited to upset to angry to dismayed to amused. I don’t remember when I snapped – It happened during one of two points, either Nugent’s 28yd Field Goal that never had a chance or Coles dropping TD passes on consecutive plays.
Mark was yelling quite a bit, but I had already given up and wanted to see the biggest debacle possible. The New York media maybe ignite a bit of a QB controversy, but that would be stupid. Pennington was bad, but he made some good throws. Fiedler would not be any better.

I thought the Pats looked pretty soft on Thursday, then I watched the games Sunday. Only the Chiefs looked better, and the Jets fumbled 7 times, had 8 penalties, injured 4 Chiefs, and had one fight on the sideline.

On the plus side, Pennington is on pace for 96 fumbles in a season, I’m pretty sure that’s about 20 off of Dave Krieg’s record.

Ain’t nothing like the, “Who would we rather have than Pennington game” when things are going bad. The following QBs were named among others:

Gus Ferrotte
Shaun King
Rohan Davey

Kurt Warner was mentioned. But, even Jet fans aren’t that reactionary

Still I would say that no team in football looked worse than the Jets on Sunday.

Jess and I are a solid 3-12 against the spread for the week. But my fatansy team has a 16 point lead going into tonight. Surprise fantasy note - The two top scorers of the week, haven't played before.

Other thoughts from St. Marks Ale House:

Watching 8 games with your fantasy football opponent is entertaining. However, With Mark, Jess, and I with Donald Driver, Javon Walker, and Bubba Franks respectfully, competition takes on a stupid level - Booing the Pack every time they run the ball or dumped off the fullback. Of course Walker’s injury was amazing, Mark violently upset on a 45 yd pass to Walker, then happier when the penalty is called, and then happiest when he realized Javon Walker was out – Yeah, we’re a bunch of assholes, but hey, Donald Driver is the number 1 receiver now. Too bad Brett Farve has completed transmogrification into Jeff George

Some Detroit Lions fans are more delusional about Joey Harrington than Jets fans are about Pennington. At the bar, a Lion fan said, “Give him a break, they’re winning and he’s having a good game.” 15-28 167 yards and 2 tds – mind you, this comment was made before his 2nd touchdown. Against a Green Bay defense that’s aging.

How could I not pick the Saints this week. I knew they would be playing with emotion – I new there would be no way the NFL would let the Saints get blown out (Seriously, no way the Saints get blown out – The NFL will make some calls, threaten to suspend first round fantasy stud Delhomme and poison John Fox – Tagliabue has that kind of power now)

I couldn’t even watch the Sunday Night game, I was so sickened by the Jets that I had trouble even watching the 4:00 games. Things I remember from the 4pm games, Farve bad, Bledsoe bad, Cardinals overrated, err… that’s about it, I was much more focused on the Agassi match, anyway.

Agassi did better than expected, but it was over as soon as Federer went off during the 3rd set tiebreaker. There was a steady stream of people walking over to check out the match. I have a hunch if Agassi won that third set everyone in the bar would have watched the match. Too bad. Oh, that Federer is good at the tennis. His 4th set was amazing, he placed the ball wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted. I don’t watch enough tennis to accurately make an assessment, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone look so dominant over a great player.

There’s nothing like a garabge time touchdown in fantasy football, thanks Mark Bulger. I knew the Rams were throwing on every play. It’s a great feeling when your fantasy QB’s team starts to get blown out and there’s no doubt they will throw all the time.

Yankees beat Red Sox 1-0 and I barely even care. I’d be surprised if they make the playoffs, and fairly shocked if they go anywhere.

TO end the day, Mark comes into my room and wakes me up to let me know there’s a mouse in 5D. In the morning I couldn’t figure out what happened. To me it’s just another appetizer.

Favorite moment of the football weekend:

This comes just after Nugent’s first field goal as a professional. Fernando walks in from getting a slice of pizza and sits down. I ask him if he saw the kick (I’m not observant to begin with. And during the Jet game, I couldn’t tell you when anyone came and left). Fernando, in fine form goes off, “What do you think motherfucker!!? I went out for a pizza! Why are you asking me this? JESUS!”

Jess, Bethany, and Mark just stare at him. I’m recounting the moments in my head, trying to remember when he left. Classic Fernando rage; it doesn’t get old.

Apparently Mike Nugent has a dark past

Since I spend an egregious amount of time on the Jetsinsider website. I feel a need to includethe most reactionary thread of the week for as long as possible.
This thread wins, I don't think this will be the only time JTR wins this award


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