Monday, October 27, 2008

The Jets, winning with ease

The Jets

1. The Jets playcalling is completely baffling. Their love of the 5 wide set makes no sense, especially on 3rd and short plays. It tells other teams that they won't run and it makes it harder to complete a pass. When they needed a short run, they got it every time when they ran, however, run that 5-wide set on 3rd and 2 from the Chiefs 8 yard line almost cost them the game. Complete and utter stupidity.

2. Brett Favre was horrible. Never mind the INTs include that god-awful pick-6. There were 2 or 3 other balls that should have been picked off, including one that would have been of Chiefs TD. Too often when he gets rushed he just heaves the ball down field without any idea of where it's going or who it's going to. Yes, this is part of his mystique. But it can be a killed, and almost essentially ended the Jets season
2A) This is an addendum to that. The idea that Pennington would be 5-2 or better with this team might be true (though I don't believe so). However, the Jets weren't going to win a Super Bowl with Pennington. Pennington still has trouble beating good defenses, and if the Jets were down in the 4th quarter against the Chiefs, they would have lost with Pennington at QB, because he never comes back. Even if Favre does fail with the Jets, I'm still glad they took a shot. The Jets have spent 7 years not beating good defenses and not scoring when they need a late TD with Pennington.

3) There were a few offensive playcalls I did like. One that jumps out was the Brad Smith end around pass. No, it didn't work. Yes, the Chiefs were ready for it. But just the idea of it being in the Jets playbook was a good thing makes a big difference in the long run.

4) The defense. 2 weeks against rookie QBs (or essentially rookies) and 0 forced turnovers. That's completely unacceptable from this defense. In the past I had said that I thought people were overvaluing how often the Jets should blitz. But, there's no excuse not to pressure rookie QBs into making mistakes. That being said, the defense did turn it up when it was needed. After the Chiefs field goal on the 1st drive of the 2nd half, they had 3 straight 3 and outs. That's what the defense should have been doing all along, but it was still nice to see the defense make some plays

5) Justin Long is a funny dude. The Jets Chick had a Q&A that they showed on the board. He said (not an exact quote) his favorite player was Pat Leahy because Justin was a skinny white kid in Ct. and he could relate to him. Then she asked him something about what the Jets needed to do to make the playoffs and he said, "Steroids". The girl didn't know what to do. Very funny.

6) Favre is clearly not on the same page with his receivers, it becomes more and more obvious every week. This is especially true with Cotchery, at least 2x a game Favre expects Cotchery to go in one direction and Cotch goes in a complete other direction. This has led to a few INTs and needs to be fixed.

7) Lost in the haze of bad coaching and bad QBing was that awful play on a fantastic punt by Hodges. He placed it down inside the 5 and the Jets special teamers somehow couldn't keep the ball (and themselves) out of the endzone. That's a play that just shouldn't happen.

Despite all of this, the Jets are still 4-3. Yes, they played 3 truly ****ty teams in a row, but if they can hang with Buffalo on the road and pull out a win, they are in great shape for the rest of the season. Despite what some people are saying, the Jets shouldn't pull Favre and the season isn't over yet.

However some major improvements do need to happen on both the offensive, defensive, and coaching areas for the Jets to make a 2nd half run. Remember everyone, the season is not even halfway in, and the Jets are 4-3. Not all is lost yet.

Special note: There was a guy that was so sloppy drunk that his friend couldn't even get him on to the bus to Secaucus. Let's hope our friend "Dave" woke up from his drunken stupor and had another beer. The whole front of the bus was cheering him on. Good times.
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